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o'reilly zsh book?

On Mon, Jan 25, 1999 at 05:15:13PM +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> I just confirmed this with the sources.  Something else I never knew.
	nor i, until someone asked if it could be done and i went looking.
as always, i find myself amazed at what zsh can do, and totally frustrated
at the documentation.  i've been thinking for a while that what zsh really
needs is one of those o'reilly handbooks to be written about it, and more
recently, i've come to the conclusion that that probably isn't going to
happen anytime soon.  except...
	i've written some tech. docs myself, and done a fair amount of
non-tech writing, and for the last week or two have been bouncing arouund
the idea of submitting a proposal for a zsh book to o'reilly; the main
problem i see with my doing that, however, is that i'm far from the most
knowledgeable person about zsh, so most of my zsh tricks come from this
list.  so i guess my questions are, would anyone else who is more involved
in the development side (and thus has a better understanding of the
internals) be interested in co-writing an o'reilly zsh book, and would the
list as a whole be opposed to being a sounding board for any questions
that might come up?  

	-- sweth.

Sweth Chandramouli
IS Coordinator, The George Washington University
<sweth@xxxxxxx> / (202) 994 - 8521 (V) / (202) 994 - 0458 (F)
<a href="http://astaroth.nit.gwu.edu/~sweth/disc.html";>*</a>

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