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Re: o'reilly zsh book?

"Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> An additional detail is that 3.1.x is a fast-moving target at the
> moment.  Several major new features have appeared since roughly
> early November, and are still mutating towards their final form.

Yes, and they're pretty crucial areas, too.  (For those that aren't on
zsh-workers: associative arrays, new syntax for programmable
completion, new glob qualifiers for sorting expansions.  Probably
other stuff I've forgotten.  All cool stuff which, once it's
stabilised, will be very nice, and exactly the kind of thing that
you'd want to be in a book.)

> Nevertheless, it could be a worthwhile thing to talk about.  Bob's
> offered to help me put the proposal together if I work out the
> details.  Anybody have any ideas how we might estimate the size of
> the audience?

No.  I suspect most Linux distributions ship with zsh.  It's on the
1-CD RedHat, for example.  But typically the default for new users is
bash, so presumably most people will end up using bash.  Of other
Unices, who can tell?

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