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Re: o'reilly zsh book?

Sweth Chandramouli <sweth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> all of the basic documentation is really already there, although
> often in very cryptic langauge; even so, as you pointed out earlier,
> what is really needed is good tutorial info.  part and parcel with
> good examples and tutorials, however, is having a way for someone
> who wants to do something to easily find it, and that's where i
> think that having the docs done professionally would be of greatest
> use: making a really good index.  i'd guess that, all told, about a
> third of the time spent making a really useful set of documentation
> on zsh would involve just building a good index and
> cross-referencing everything; a commercial publisher would be far
> far better at doing something like that than, say, i would.

Sure.  And having the whole lot nicely bound in a book is worthwhile.
Then I can read it on the bus, or something.  (Whenever I read the zsh
documentation, I find half a dozen things I never knew existed, and
generally a couple of things that I actually want to use.)

> the money isn't much of an issue anyway;

Well, no.  I was half-joking.  I'd be a little surprised if anybody
agreed to publish the book, to be honest.

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