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Re: Problem w/ ulimit killing compiles on sol 2.4&2.6 ...

On Wed, Feb 03, 1999 at 01:29:10PM -0500, Greg Sylvain wrote:
> Ok. great.
> unlimit worked, well on Sol24 box anyway.  To finish this off then, I have
> a couple last questions :
> 1 - where is the most appropriate place to put the unlimit call (~/.zshenv
> or ~/.zshrc).  I never have been able to figure out what goes where.
> Currently, I only specify my path in ~/.zshenv and everything else is done
> in ~/.zshrc, is this correct ?

	from the comments i have in my zsh startup files:

# Sweth's No-Longer-Very-Portable .zshenv File
# 1st user initialization file, read for all non -f shells.

# Sweth's No-Longer-Very-Portable .zprofile File
# 2nd user initialization file, read for login shells

# Sweth's No-Longer-Very-Portable .zshrc File
# 3rd initialization file, read for interactive shells

# Sweth's No-Longer-Very-Portable .zlogin File
# 4th user initialization file, read for login shells

# .zlogout, sourced before exiting a login shell.
# remember to put some sort of sleep command at
# the end if this should produce user-visible output

	i put most env variables (not just path) in my .zshenv (so that
they are available to scripts that i run in addition to interactive 
sessions), along with limit/unlimit commands (again, so they affect
	i use .zprofile mainly for starting processes--things that
only need to happen once per "sit down at the computer" session,
regardless of how many actual shell sessions i start.  for example,
i start a fetchmail process (or wake a backgrounded one if it is
already running) to check for mail on other server, and set the
erase key depending on whether i'm logging in from my mac at home,
the console on my sun, or my desktop pc--it's an "environment"
variable, but it's only needed for interactive shells, and then
should stay the same for all of shells spawned from that same
	in .zshrc, i set my zshoptions, define aliases, and do
compctl stuff--they are things that mostly affect how the
shell reacts to what i type during an interactive session.
	at the moment, i don't use .zlogin; soon, though, i
hope to move some of the stuff in my .zprofile there, to
take advantage of the functions i define in .zshrc so that
my scripts don't have to be so redundant.  (i could probably
move a lot of the environment definitions from .zshenv here
safely as well, and eliminate a lot more redundancy that way.)
	in .zlogout, i clean up whatever i started (including
killing process i might have started in .zprofile and .zlogin.

	-- sweth.

Sweth Chandramouli
IS Coordinator, The George Washington University
<sweth@xxxxxxx> / (202) 994 - 8521 (V) / (202) 994 - 0458 (F)
<a href="http://astaroth.nit.gwu.edu/~sweth/disc.html";>*</a>

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