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Re: .zlogout RE: Problem w/ ulimit killing compiles on sol 2.4&2.6 ...

Typing away merrily, Peter Stephenson produced the immortal words:
> This is a strange omission.  It's executed any time a login shell
> exits (unless it crashes, obviously).  I hope the patch makes it clear
> enough.
> +When a login shell exits, the files tt($ZDOTDIR/.zlogout) and then
> +tt(/etc/zlogout) are read.
> +

Does a reminder about the effect of exec belong in the manual or the
FAQ?  I've had to sort out problems for a few people (normally
.bash_logout rather than .zlogout) where they just hadn't thought
through that using exec foobar would stop the shell sourcing the logout

For those who really want maintenance logs or whatever, but still want
to exec something (an interruptible secure program), I usually suggest a
function/alias that does a TRAPEXIT/trap '' 0  -- is this really the
best idea?
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