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Re: .zlogout RE: Problem w/ ulimit killing compiles on sol 2.4&2.6 ...

> Does a reminder about the effect of exec belong in the manual or the
> FAQ?

Well, there's no harm in being explicit (this patch is a

> For those who really want maintenance logs or whatever, but still want
> to exec something (an interruptible secure program), I usually suggest a
> function/alias that does a TRAPEXIT/trap '' 0  -- is this really the
> best idea?

The exit trap isn't run before an exec, for just the same reason that
.zlogout isn't, i.e. the shell isn't exiting, it's overlaying a
process without forking first.  I should think the only thing you can
do is hook into exec itself by an alias or function.  But the securer
you want to be, the better it probably is just to call whatever
explicitly before the exec.  Unless you're saying something slightly
different to what I've understood.

--- Doc/Zsh/files.yo.logout	Wed Jun  3 00:00:27 1998
+++ Doc/Zsh/files.yo	Thu Feb  4 16:11:49 1999
@@ -20,6 +20,12 @@
 Finally, if the shell is a login shell, tt(/etc/zlogin) and
 tt($ZDOTDIR/.zlogin) are read.
+When a login shell exits, the files tt($ZDOTDIR/.zlogout) and then
+tt(/etc/zlogout) are read.  This happens with either an explicit exit
+via the tt(exit) or tt(logout) commands, or an implict exit by reading
+end-of-file from the terminal.  However, if the shell terminates due
+to tt(exec)'ing another process, the logout files are not read.
 If tt(ZDOTDIR) is unset, tt(HOME) is used instead.
 Those files listed above as being in tt(/etc) may be in another
 directory, depending on the installation.

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