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Re: .zlogout RE: Problem w/ ulimit killing compiles on sol 2.4&2.6 ...

Typing away merrily, Peter Stephenson produced the immortal words:
> > For those who really want maintenance logs or whatever, but still want
> > to exec something (an interruptible secure program), I usually suggest a
> > function/alias that does a TRAPEXIT/trap '' 0  -- is this really the
> > best idea?
> The exit trap isn't run before an exec, for just the same reason that
> .zlogout isn't, i.e. the shell isn't exiting, it's overlaying a
> process without forking first.  I should think the only thing you can
> do is hook into exec itself by an alias or function.  But the securer
> you want to be, the better it probably is just to call whatever
> explicitly before the exec.  Unless you're saying something slightly
> different to what I've understood.

I think I am.  I meant:
function exit_and_foo {
	function TRAPEXIT { exec foo }
defined and then just call exit_and_foo.
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