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Re: globbing for links in pathnames

> On Thu, Feb 04, 1999 at 03:36:10PM -0700, Steve Talley wrote:
> > Question:  I am trying to locate all directories called "man" one
> > level deep, ie:
> > 
> > % ls pkgs/*/man
> > 
> > will do it.  The trouble is, some of these are redundant (like
> > zsh-3.1.5/man and zsh/man).  Is there a way to only specify the
> > links (or non-links) in the glob?  Something like
> > 
> > % ls pkgs/*(@)/man
> % ls pkgs/**/man(/) 
> 	will find _all_ directories named man below the pkgs
> directory, but will _not_ follow symlinks.  (to do that, you
> would do `ls pkgs/***/man(/)' instead.)  if you want to limit
> your search to man directories one level deep (either so as
> to not list subsequent ones, or to not waste time searching
> large subdirectories that you aren't interested in), you're
> probably better off using find, or some kludge like
> % ls $( ls -d test/*(@) )/man(/)

Thanks!  This is _almost_ what I want, but the above glob will
only add the last part ("man") to the last element of the list
from the earlier part.

So a general question is:  Is there a way to make

(a b c d)/man

expand to

a/man b/man c/man d/man

without using a for... clause?



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