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RE: Problem w/ ulimit killing compiles on sol 2.4&2.6 ...

>   The only file you can alter which is started with every zsh (unless
>   you use the -f option) is .zshenv, so this is a good place to
>   put things you want even if the shell is non-interactive: options for
>   changing the the syntax, like EXTENDED_GLOB,

I totally disagree. Anybody doing this will inevitably end up writing
nonportable zsh scripts, that, when used on other system(s), will not work
in the best or will have unpredictable side effects in the worst case.

The only use for zshenv is to setup standard environment (as name suggests).
If you would like to have interactive zsh with specific features - do it in
zshrc. Scripts should _not_ depend on particular option(s) preset or, for
that matter, on particular function(s) being available.

So, I have LD_LIBRARY_PATH in /etc/zshenv, ~/bin in .zshenv - and don't see
much more use for them.


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