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Re: Man page, minor error.

Larry P . Schrof <schrof@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I noticed what may be a minor error in the zshmisc man page that came
> with 3.1.5
> Under the section 'PROMPT EXPANSION', it states that %n in a prompt
> string will expand to whatever is in $USERNAME. It actually does not
> seem to. Instead, it seems to expand to whatever is in $LOGNAME. I
> noticed the difference when I su'd to root, but %n still expanded to
> 'schrof' when, according to the manpage, it should have expanded to
> 'root'.
> -----
> [schrof]> echo $LOGNAME $USERNAME
> schrof schrof
> [became root with su here]
> [schrof]> echo $LOGNAME $USERNAME
> schrof root
> -----

Still using zsh-3.1.4, this behaviour isn't there:

jean-luc@picard ~> echo $LOGNAME $USERNAME
jean-luc jean-luc
[su to root]
root@picard /home/jean-luc> echo $LOGNAME $USERNAME
jean-luc root

This is a Linux box (Linux 2.0.35, glibc)

> I haven't had a chance to check this on other platforms besides a Solaris
> 2.6 box. Can someone confirm this behavior on their machine for me?
> What %n should expand to is not quite my concern. I just noticed a
> possible error in the man page and wanted to ask the general zsh user
> population if I'm crazy or not. :)

Perhaps this hast changed in zsh-3.1.5 and someone forgot to update the
documentation :)

> Regards,
> - Larry


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