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RE: Problem running zsh on WinNT 4.0

When I set my window's HOME environment variable to %HOMEDRIVE%HOMEPATH,
this allowed the zsh program to 
automatically source in my .zshrc (located in HOME), but not my profile
file(also located in HOME).  I tried renaming the profile file to .zprofile,
.profile, and profile.zsh, but it still did not source in my profile file.
As a workaround, I placed the following line in my .zshrc file to source in 
the profile file:

source $HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH/<profile file name>

If there is a better way of than what I have done, let me know.

One other thing, whenever I export a variable to a path which contain the
windows environment variable that contain backslashes, 
this messes up the variable.  Here is an example of what I mean:

export MY_OUTPUT_DIR="$HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH/output"  (I have something like
this in my profile file)

The window's environment variable $HOMEDRIVE returns e: and $HOMEPATH
returns \job\timothy
When you echo MY_OUTPUT_DIR, you get a broken path of some sort.  The broken
path is probably caused by the backslashes.  
If you cd MY_OUTPUT_DIR, you get a error message which states:  "cd: no such
file or directory: e:\job\timothy/output"
What do I need to do to have the zsh program interpret those backslashes as
forward slashes?  

I have read the readme file that comes along with the zsh application
regarding the problem above and this is what it says:

NT-specific setopts:
* winntignorecase: ignore case in completions
* winntlamepathfix: convert the PATH environment variable back to 
   '\'-delimited instead of  '/'-delimited when each child process is

* winntnoassociations: Do not try applications associated with extensions
                   if exec() fails.

* winntconvertbackslash: Convert backslashes to '/' when comparing named
        directories etc. May be useful if you derive HOME from '\'-delimited

        environment variables

It was nice to know this stuff, but it does not say anything about how to
implement it.
I am not sure what NT-specific setopts are and what and where I can deal
with them.

Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks for all the help you have given
me thus far.

Thanks again,

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	Sent:  Friday, February 12, 1999 1:03 AM
	To:  timothy.trinh@xxxxxxxxx
	Subject:  Re: Problem running zsh on WinNT 4.0

	>I have just recently installed the zsh program on my WinNT 4.0.  It
	>just fine, but each time it starts up, it does not source my
profile file.
	>I always have to source in the my profile manaually(.
./profile.zsh).  Is
	>there some way were I have my profile sourced in when I start the

	I believe you have to have HOME set before zsh can find your
.profile file.  
	Check the FAQ, there should be some info there.

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