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RE: Problem running zsh on WinNT 4.0

On Friday Trinh, Timothy gave us enlightenment about RE: Problem running...:

> Hello ALL,
> I really appreciated all the suggestion I have received regarding setting up
> the zsh program set up on WinNT40.
> I am able to start up the zsh program and have it automatically source my
> startup files.  Even though my zsh program 
> is starting up properly on my WinNT4.0, I am not able to run shell script
> like I do on Unix.  When I do an ls -l on the shell script, 
> do not see any x permissions on the shell script.  When I chmod a+x <shell
> script name>, I still do not see the x permissions on the 
> shell script.  Is there a particular way of executing the shell script via
> the zsh program on WinNT4.0?  Do I need to name the shell script in a
> certain way in order for it to execute?  I have tried including the
> following line at the beginning of the shell script:
> #!c:/bin/zsh/zhs.exe 
> Executing the shell script with the above line in it, I get the following
> error: zsh: exec format error: <shell script name>.
> Any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Timothy
> PS:  Larry S.: Are there any other arguments I should be aware of in running
> the zsh program?
> 	----------

Use Explorer to associate files with extension, i.e., .zsh, with the zsh.
I have two actions associated with it - Edit and Run; Edit invokes pfe32
on the script, Run just runs it ( you point to your current zsh.exe
location for this to work ). 

>From CMD you can run zsh scripts by specifying the extension:

C:\ >  script.zsh

The trouble now is you apparently can not pass any parameters to the
script, therefore you might resolve to using 'read' for them in the script
itself.  Any ideas here?

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