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making sudo work with functions/builtins

	a while ago, someone asked about how to deal with the following 
sort of situation:

% alias mv='nocorrect mv'
% alias sudo='sudo '
% sudo mv foo bar
sudo: nocorrect: command not found

	from what i can tell, this happens because sudo requires that its 
first argument be an actual command, and not a builtin or a function; 
adding the space after sudo in the alias makes expansion take place on cp,
so that what sudo sees as the first arg is 'nocorrect'.  i just had a
little brainstorm about how to get around this:

% alias mv='nocorrect mv'
% ls
cmd foo
% alias sudo='sudo cmd '
% cat cmd
eval $SHELL -c \"$@\"
% sudo mv foo bar
% ls
bar cmd

	my question is twofold--is there a more efficient way to do
this, and can anyone see a situation where this would break something
that would otherwise work?

	-- sweth.

Sweth Chandramouli
IS Coordinator, The George Washington University
<sweth@xxxxxxx> / (202) 994 - 8521 (V) / (202) 994 - 0458 (F)
<a href="http://astaroth.nit.gwu.edu/~sweth/disc.html";>*</a>

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