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RE: Problem running zsh on WinNT 4.0

Hello All,

Once again I appreciated all the help that I have been given.  It was
definitely a typo problem when I place the
#!c:/bin/zsh/zsh.exe in my shell scripts.  After correcting the typo, the
shell script ran beautifully.

Thanks again to all who have taken the time to answer my questions,

	From:  Bart Schaefer[SMTP:schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
	Sent:  Friday, February 12, 1999 11:25 PM
	To:  Trinh, Timothy; 'zsh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx '
	Subject:  Re: Problem running zsh on WinNT 4.0

	On Feb 12,  4:49pm, Trinh, Timothy wrote:
	} Subject: RE: Problem running zsh on WinNT 4.0
	} Hello ALL,
	} I am not able to run shell script
	} like I do on Unix.  When I do an ls -l on the shell script, 
	} do not see any x permissions on the shell script.

	There's not really any such thing as "x permission" in NT.  Anything
	the right file extension (.exe, .bat, ...) has "execute permission."
	don't recall exactly how zsh's internal tests for executable-ness
	resolved in Amol's port.

	} Is there a particular way of executing the shell script via the
	} program on WinNT4.0?

	I don't believe so.

	} Do I need to name the shell script in a
	} certain way in order for it to execute?

	Zsh first attempts to let the system run the named file, and then
	(if) that fails it looks at it for a #! line.  So ...

	If you give the script a .exe extension, NT will try to run it as a
	binary, I think.  Not good.

	If you give it a .bat extension, it'll try to run it as a batch
	That's probably even worse, as bits of the script might actually
	sensible enough to the batch processor to cause something to happen.

	} I have tried including the
	} following line at the beginning of the shell script:
	} #!c:/bin/zsh/zhs.exe 
	Did you spell "zsh.exe" correctly in the shell script?

	Otherwise I'm without clue.

	Bart Schaefer                                 Brass Lantern

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