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Re: Timed out

I originally wrote:

>When I don't use my Z-shell on a remote computer for a while, I get
>disconnected (after about 15 minutes):

There were several suggestions for a possible source of the problem:
 - It could be an idle timeout set on the remote computer
 - Try setting
     TRAPALRM() { print "Someone sent me an alarm signal"; }
 -  try tracing the zsh process from another telnet session

Nothing helped until a friend suggested it would be the firewall
that I'm using that causes the problem. Indeed it did :-) The
firewall (I use IPCHAINS) closses connections when they're not
used for a while; a TCP connection will be closed after 15
minutes... To increase the timeout time call IPCHAINS with the
-S option. A piece of my  rc.firewall :

   # The default masquerading timeout is 15 minutes. This can be used
   # to set it to higher values.
   $IPCHAINS -M -S 7200 10 900

This sets the timeout to 2 hours; long enough to go to the toilet,
do the dishes, have a chat with the neighbour and returning to your
computer without having to login again... ;-)

Thanx for all the suggestions!

  Mark Koenen_________________________IRC: TheNose
  ________________________Email: markko@xxxxxxxxxx
  ___________________WWW: http://www.gx.nl/markko/

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