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Re: Completion Guru needed (next/prev)

On Feb 22,  8:38am, David R. Favor wrote:
} Subject: Completion Guru needed (next/prev)
} Typing cd-SPACE-TAB begins completion of the directories [src doc info].
} NEXT completion:
} If src is currently seleted, normally it requires hitting BACKSPACE-TAB-TAB
} to begin selecting directories [client lib server tools].

Actually, hitting SLASH TAB should do it if you setopt autoremoveslash.
In some buggy versions that will still leave you with src// on the line.

} I would like to be able to do this by hitting the shortcut SHIFT-TAB.

You'll have to use bindkey as Sven suggested -- but that assumes that a
shifted tab is actually distinguishable at the tty input level from a
plain tab, which in my experience it usually is not.
} PREVIOUS completion:
} If src/server/ is currently selected, I would like to be able to hit
} CNTL-TAB to go back to selecting [client lib server tools]

Again, frequently the tty driver can't distinguish Ctrl-TAB from TAB, so
you may be out of luck.  (This has nothing to do with zsh itself.)

On Feb 22,  4:05pm, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} Subject: Re: Completion Guru needed (next/prev)
}   bindkey -s <SHIFT-TAB> '^H^I^I'
}   bindkey -s <CTRL-TAB>  '^W^I'
} This will only work if there is no `/' in your WORDCHARS parameter and 
} if Control-W is bound to bachward-kill-word or backword-delete-word

Bind something to vi-backward-kill-word and then use that something in 
place of ^W, and then you won't have to worry about WORDCHARS.

} (it's normally bound to backward-kill-word). Maybe I understood you
} wrong and in the second case '^W^W^I' does what you want.

You probably need two word kills if autoremoveslash is NOT set, but only
one if autoremoveslash is set.  Unfortunately this may again depend on
what version of zsh it is.

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