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Re: why is `bare' in bare_glob_qual?

On Wed, Mar 10, 1999 at 10:40:49PM -0800, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Sweth Chandramouli writes:
>  > 	to what does the "bare" in bare_glob_qual refer?
> See zsh_users/1569:
>    My intention is that eventually we will have some other, unambiguous,
>    glob qualifier syntax, which will be available regardless of
>    BARE_GLOB_QUAL.  (We need the capability to disable the current
>    qualifier syntax in order to fully emulate ksh glob syntax.)
>    -zefram
> So "bare" means that they're just sitting there on the end of the pattern,
> with no special disambiguating syntax to introduce them.

	but, as of yet at least, there is no non-bare syntax?  that is,
if bare_glob_qual is turned off, can glob qualifiers still somehow be

	-- sweth.

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