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Re: redirecting stdio/stderr from a suspended then bged job

Michael Barnes <mibarnes@xxxxxx> typed:
:This has been bugging me for a while.  How can I suspend a job that is
:taking longer than I expect and then put it in the background and then
:redirect stdio and/or stderr to a file (or /dev/null) ?
:wget http://slowserver/bigfile.tgz
:1% done and its been 2 minutes
:zsh: 25317 suspended  wget http://slowserver/bigfile.tgz
:bg %1 >/dev/null 2>&1
:nope does not work that just redirects the output of bg not the job that
:was bged.

You can't.  It's out of our control unless zsh was to keep running
just to keep the pipes going.

Of course, with recent wget you don't need to (if you use
the -v option) as it will automagically start writing to ``wget-log''
when it can't write to the tty any more.  Well, that's what happens
with me.  Maybe it needs another option.  BTW, the manual says it's
in -v mode by default, but without it I couldn't get it to go to
wget-log (when I tried just now).

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