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Re: Updating the Xterm title with every execution?

About the closest non-convoluted way to do it I can think of is to use
preexec to echo various arguments to the title bar. (These arguments
will be echoed after history expansion but before any other type of
substitution / generation)

Resetting the title bar in this case is a tricky issue. Assuming an
interactive shell, you could use precmd to reset the title bar to
something just before the zsh prompt is displayed. That doesn't
necessarily mean you'll retain the same title bar as before the
command ran.

Anything attempts beyond this I personally see as getting a bit
hackish, ie.  wasn't intended to be supported by zsh specifically.

On Thu, Mar 25, 1999 at 03:15:25PM -0500, Ryan Tennant wrote:
> Hello.  I am trying to update the Xterm title every time I execute an
> application, script, etc.  To do this, it would seem logical that I have to
> process the commands I enter at the command line before executing them.  Zsh
> seems to offer some preprocessing functionality, but not so much that I can
> ask it to preprocess command line information and then execute an arbitrary
> command.
> A script to display what I'm interested in doing is below.  
> script name: hi
> #!/bin/zsh
> echo '\033]; '$*'\007'				# Displays command in xterm
> title after script name (i.e hi ls -la, would display ls -la)
> trap "trap '' 2"  2					
> $*						# Executes commands I enter
> after the script name
> trap ""  2
> echo '\033]; '${HOSTNAME}: IDLE'\007'		# Displays idle xterm title
> i want to do line 1 after i hit enter before execution of $*.  I want to
> reset the title bar in the event that I hit ctrl-c (traps).  I want to do
> line 6 after execution of the commands.
> obviously the functionality of this script is limited in the fact that it
> doesnt parse beyond "|"s or other delimeters.
> essentially, i'm looking for someone more gifted than myself to aid in my
> quest.
> thanks.
> ryan tennant

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