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RE: zsh startup files

> [ passing note:  if someone could tell me in which case terminal setup
>   is useful, I'd be happy to learn.

Our tty driver defaults to DEL for interrupt. Some of our terminals
(notably, vt-like ones) don't have DEL at all (they have Delete that sends
escape sequence). So, intr is remapped to ^C for such terminals.
> Could you give examples of zshrc (zlogin is irrelevant to me: you
> either use
> zlogin or zprofile, not both) settings that might depend on

Setting truncation for {R,L}PROMPT. I'd probably would like to set this for
all interactive shells (if at all), and for this reasin this should go into
zshrc. Setting bold/standout etc attrs (depending on which is uderstood by
terminal). Resetting of some terminal attrs in precmd (in our case, FMLI
resets am attr if terminal has capabillity to do it. It leads to all sorts
of side effects, as all programs expect, that if am is listed, it is set
-( Hey, I can imagine binding to func keys as well.

> The /etc/z* files should be *minimal*.  Anything that is not strictly
> necessary should be moved to /etc/user/foo and explicitly sourced
> from ~/.z*

Entirely agreed.



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