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RE: Updating the Xterm title with every execution?

> }
> } > The color in expansions is a cool idea, but I'm wondering what the
> } > first half of the patch can do that preexec can't?
> }
> } Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think 'preexec' exists in
> } Zsh 3.0.5
> It's in 3.0.5-ext-2, available from ftp.brasslantern.com:/pub/zsh/, which
> will be the basis of 3.0.6 appearing (I hope, if I get the archive scripts
> learned soon) sometime this month.

I'd just like to point out, that setting title to the command
name/parameters is probably not trivial. preexec gets the whole command line
(at least,as long as I can beleive the manual. Are parameter assignments
included?). It means, that in case of some more or less complex things
(braces, pipelines etc) you have to parse the string again ... and, well,
you can even have redirection as the first word on command line :-)



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