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Re: Updating the Xterm title with every execution?

Greg Badros wrote:

> Why is an option a problem?  It's cleaner to use an option then to have
> it be only a compile-time flag.  There are plenty of other options
> affecting completion (listambiguous, listtypes, menucomplete, etc.).

Obviously I wasn't clear enough... I have no objections to put that
into 3.0.6. But I wouldn't like to see an option to be used for it
because people would then expect this option to be in 3.1x, too. And
since I wouldn't like to see a feature as specific as this to be in
the standard completion module and because modules currently can't
define their own options, we would have to put it into the core.
With the modules in 3.1. it would be easy to put enhancements like
this one into separate modules, which, as I hope you agree, is much
As for the different implementation: I didn't suggest *replacing* your 
stuff with something different. At least I *wanted* to suggest that by 
moving it into a separate module in 3.1. we could give the user a way
to decide if he wants to use your implementation (which would be one
module), or another implementation (which would give a bit more
control to colourise non-filenames and more and would be in another
separate module). The user would chose what he wants just by including 
one (or none at all) of these modules.

> > for it (well, something could be said against it: it's superfluous --
> > even in your patch making it use only `ZLS_COLOR' (or turning it into
> > an array and giving it a better name) and testing if that is set would
> > be enough).
> I do not know what you mean use only "ZLS_COLOR".  Why is that better
> than setopt listcolors?

I hope this is clear now -- backward-compatibility. And you don't need 
the option if you make your patch alwasy use the parameter
`ZLS_COLOUR' (or whatever) and turn on colours only if that parameter
is set. The name should be seldom enough to not interfere with any
existing parameter name.


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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