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Re: Completion fails to search in $PATH

Use 'rehash'.

zsh hashes many things, including commands in PATH. I usually just
type rehash when I've put new stuff in my command path (IE installing
software packages). If it really bugs you to type rehash, you can have
zsh do so periodically, but this really doesn't solve the immediate

On Thu, Apr 01, 1999 at 01:28:51PM -0600, Sameer Siruguri wrote:
> Hi.
> When I create a new executable in some directory that is in my $PATH,
> completion fails to add that to the list when I press TAB.  The new executable
> is added only after I restart zsh. It seems that zsh is caching the completion
> list and doesn't re-read the cache very often.
> Is there some way I can get zsh to refresh the completion list after I have
> made a change to it?
> Thanks. Sameer.
> --
> Sameer Siruguri				  Graduate student, CS, Rice University
> siruguri@xxxxxxxxxxx	       713 630 9243           www.cs.rice.edu/~siruguri

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