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Re: How do *you* sync your zsh config files?

On Sat, Apr 10, 1999 at 07:57:14PM -0400, Timothy J Luoma wrote:
> Anyone else in this situation:
> I use zsh on 6 different accounts on 4 different machines (4 different  
> versions of zsh, 3 different OSes)
> I'm constantly finding that I've added an alias on one account and want to  
> use it on the others, but the machines are not such that I could make them  
> identical (at least two different $USERNAMEs, and on 2 of the machines I  
> don't have root access.... one of them I don't even have access to 'cc' or  
> 'gcc' to build a more recent version of zsh).
> Does anyone else have advice on trying to keep these 4 separate accounts  
> somewhat in sync, so I don't have to re-write every new function over and  
> over again?
> I once tried a 'zlocal' file that I would keep all my local configurations,  
> and keep everything else current, but that didn't work.
> I'm getting to the point of dumping everything in one big .zshenv (global  
> config files are empty in most of these cases) but that's not really what I'd  
> prefer... I like having my aliases/bindkeys/completions/etc all in different  
> files, in case of an editing mistake in one file it is easier to locate and  
> fix.
> TjL

Great question, as I am in a very similar situation as to the number of
accounts and OSes (4 OSes, and numberous accounts).  I've been thinking
for a long time about doing it over cvs since I do cvs for development,
however, cvs is not installed on most of these systems (I guess I should do
it being I admin these boxes :)  But I would like to hear about how other
people do similar things.  This also pertains to other .files as well.


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