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Re: How do *you* sync your zsh config files?

For a while (well before I started using zsh) I was using a Makefile to
generate my dotfiles.  Mostly it just concatenated pieces from
subdirectories, based partly on hostname.  So I had a subdirectory with
files like aliases.work, aliases.home, aliases, aliases.aelfric (where
aelfric was a hostname) and so on, and the right ones would be picked
out and concatenated into my (ick!) .tcshrc in the right place, along
with all the other goodies.  (I also had stuff to generate menus for
several window managers with the same clients.)

Because the Makefile knew how to pick out the right pieces for the host
I was on (I had separate Makefiles for home and work, so they had that
part hardcoded in, and then the chose other stuff based on hostname.  I
also had a per-account preamble, if I remember correctly.) I could just
keep that directory synched across accounts and type "make" in my home
directory whenever I changed anything.

Nowadays, I might use wget or something like that to grab components
from a central machine over the Web, and ask the user (presenting a
diff) before updating files, but at the time I was just ftp'ing the
contents of that directory around.

Make is not just a programmer's tool. :-)


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