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Re: Z-Shell PROMPT

On Apr 22, 12:42pm, Oliver Grimm wrote:
} Subject: Z-Shell PROMPT
} I recently upgraded my Linux OS, and so also got from Z-Shell version
} 2.4 beta to version 3.0.
} Now, the changing of the prompt does not work anymore.
} It's always set to prompt='%n@%m:/ihpuser/u7/grimm > ',
} even if I change it with export PROMPT.

In zsh the parameters prompt, PROMPT, and PS1 are all synonyms -- if any
of them is changed, the others are as well.  Depending on how you start
zsh, a value for PS1 may be getting exported into the environment after
your setting of PROMPT.  For example, the startup files for the bash
shell often export a PS1 setting.

Which Linux distribution are you using?  Did you install zsh from an RPM?

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