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Re: compctl for rcs?

Sweth Chandramouli <sweth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:	does anyone have a good compctl lying around for the
:various rcs commands?  in particular, i want one that will
:complete filenames in either the current directory, or ones
:inside the RCS directory in the current directory with the
:,v removed. 

If one were to look in Misc/compctl-examples one might find such
an example.

:	also, has anyone else been getting mail to this list?
:i've received about three messages in the last few weeks, and
:see no others on the archives.

They're numbered so if you miss any in a sequence you can fetch
them yourself.  Of course, it's been slow for a couple of weeks
so you probably haven't missed any - and the archives are complete.

:is everyone just really busy
:with other things?  (replies to this question can be sent to
:me directly so as not to clutter up the list, obviously.)

People must be busy (or, if unfortunate, ill like me).

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