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Re: Reading initialization/logout files again.

(I feel a bit odd being the poster of ten consecutive zsh-workers article
numbers and several more on zsh-users, but I'm still catching up after my
system downtime.)

On May 23,  4:41pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Reading initialization/logout files again.
} This was some discussion about this before.

In fact, very far before.  Start at
(yes, four hundred eighty-eight) and work your way up the references links.

} I'm not sure why NO_RCS behaves the way it does at the moment; it may be so
} that the administrator can unset it in /etc/zshenv

Also note that in the thread around zsh-workers/1414, Zoltan ignored me when
I repeatedly asked why NO_RCS works the way it does.

} The latest proposal to allow more flexibility as follows:
} - The NO_RCS option (or negated RCS option) remains as before
} - A new NO_GLOBAL_RCS [...] will determine whether the /etc/z* files are
} sourced at any stage.
} - The previously proposed option GLOBAL_RCS_FIRST would be removed.
} There are alternatives, however:
} 1. [...] make the NO_RCS option more
} flexible and allow it to determine the subsequent behaviour at any stage
} 2. [...] make NO_GLOBAL_RCS work just like NO_RCS, except that
} it applies to files in /etc only and is tested just after .zshenv is run.

All three of these suggestions (latest, #1, #2) are OK.  I slightly prefer
alternative #1, and slightly dislike alternative #2.

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