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Re: Call for opinions on a couple of prospective zsh patches

>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> * Completion using "dynamic abbreviations" after the manner of the emacs
> * Partial word motions in the face of mixed case, i.e. move the cursor to
> * Support for the LS_COLORS environment string, to colorize file names in

I think adding anything to 3.0 is a mistake.  We should instead hurry to
get 3.2 out the door.  3.1.x has too many neat features that most people don't
get to use since RedHat and friends only come with 3.0.5.

Adding any of the three to 3.1 makes sense, but to 3.0 ?
I really wish the next 3.1.x were called 3.2.0.


PS: GNU ls's LS_COLORS code is brain dead:  if you want to include it at least
    try to fix it so that its auto-detection of color capability is a bit less
    pathetically optimistic (trying to colorize the output when TERM=dumb
    is ...well... dumb!)

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