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Re: first questions

dado wrote:

> On another front, I'm trying zsh at home too, where I run Win95.

> And is there any plan to give Win32 Zshell it's own interface?
> I can't resize or scroll the buffer. Vim has a nice GUI. It behaves
> pretty much the same as when running on X.

I've never used Win32 zsh so can't help you with the other questions.

There isn't any plans I've heard of to write a Win 95 GUI for zsh. The
problem is the program Microsoft supply for running DOS programs in a window
because it's crap. 
What would be more useful than adding a GUI to win32 zsh (like that of vim)
be a separate program which can run any DOS application in a window and
offers scrolling etc. There is a shareware program which can do this: Take
Command. It is based on 4DOS which was a popular command.com replacement
before the Windows era. Anyway, Take Command should be able to run the Win32
version of zsh and give you a scollable buffer. I've never tried it myself
though. You can get it from JP Software - www.jpsoft.com.

Oliver Kiddle

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