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Couple of things.

On Wed, Jun 16, 1999 at 11:27:42AM +0200, Oliver Grimm wrote:
> I do have a strange problem with the PROMPT variable, persisting since
> some time. After upgrading to Linux 6.1, the command

I'm assuming you mean "Redhat 6.1". There are plenty of other brands
of Linux with their own version numbers. :)

> 'PROMPT  Hallo' does not change the prompt anymore.

PROMPT is a shell parameter, so you want to set it in the supported,
standard way. (Regardless of what other syntactical methods work or
don't work). In zsh, the way I do this is


> Now, the version of zsh is 3.0 (dated 26 June 1996), but it seems
> that it's not the fault of zsh, since on a different machine with the
> same version of zsh (but not under Linux but Solaris Unix), this
> does work properly.
> Does someone has an idea what causes this problem ? Me and our
> system operator haven't found a clue so far.
> Regards, Oliver Grimm.
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