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segmentation fault at startup


I tried to build zsh from the 3.1.5 source.  The compilation and
installation went fine, but when I actually try to run the binary, it
just seg faults:

zsh: segmentation fault  zsh

I didn't compile it with debugging symbols, but tried to run it in gdb 
anyway, and gdb reported the segmentation fault signal was caught in
the wrefresh() function, if that helps anyone.

I first tried to build with pgcc-2.91.60 for optimization, but thought 
perhaps pgcc was the cause of the seg fault, so then I used the gcc
that came with my distribution, gcc-  I also tried building
from the 3.1.4 source, and had the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas?


Matt Garman, garman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"And though the window in the wall
 Come streaming in on sunlight wings
 A million bright ambassadors of morning." 
	--Pink Floyd, "Echoes"

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author