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Re: Inserting all completions

I would venture to guess that other expansion mechanisms in the shell
may suit your purpose in some cases. (For example, you can store
values in an array, and have those substituted on the command line.)
There's filename expansion too, of course. It's been awhile since I
looked at the man page, but I think you can even view and set shell
options based on pattern matching. You can view aliases with pattern

Essentially, I'm saying that if you simply want all possible
completions returned, there are (often, not always) other shell
mechanisms to perform this for you.

Hope this helps (a little).

- Larry

On Mon, Jul 19, 1999 at 11:30:13AM -0700, Danek Duvall wrote:
> Is there a simple way to insert all the possible completions into the
> current commandline?  Something like list-choices, but have the results
> placed into the commandline, rather than having to copy them one-by-one.
> I can't find a builtin widget for it, and it's not clear to me how to write
> one.
> Thanks,
> Danek

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