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Re: Inserting all completions

On Jul 19,  4:03pm, Danek Duvall wrote:
> Hmmm, okay ... I don't want to replace completion with this entirely.  I'd
> like to have two keystrokes -- one, tab, is the normal completion
> mechanism.  The second, ^X^I or something, puts all the matches on the
> line.

Just change the "compdef" in my previous example to:

  compdef -k _all expand-or-complete '^X^I'

This creates a binding that acts like expand-or-complete but that calls
the function _all to generate the matches.

> The question then is, how to write function_to_compute_reply() in a
> suitably generic manner ...

Hmm.  The existing Completions/*/* functions would be ideal for this, if
there were some way to refer to "all the matches that have already been
added by some other completer."  Unfortunately I've forgotten whether
there is, and I can't find anything about it in the docs ... Sven?

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