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Re: cd directory completion?

>I'd like to have cd complete directory names as well as
>symlinks that point to directories (zsh-3.0.6). Is there
>a way to do this without writing a completion function?
>(And I don't want to fiddle with any 'chase symlink' setting
>there may be - I like them the way they are).  I couldn't
>find anything appropriate in the man page. If it's not
>possible without a function, has anybody written one and 
>can send it to me?

I have:
compctl -g '*(-/)' + -g '.*(-/)' -v cd pushd rmdir
in my .zshrc file and it works fine for me, completing between dirs and 
symlinks to dirs and ignoring files.  I think I got it from www.dotfiles.com

>P.S.: please CC me on replies, I'm not on the list.

Well, you probably should be...

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