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Key bindings in Zsh?


My insert/delete/home/end/pgup/pgdn keys do not work in Zsh. They either
give me a squiggle ('~'), a beep or do the wrong thing:
    Insert, pgup, pgdn -> ~
    delete                        -> backspace
    home, end                 -> beep

The keys work in other tools I use including Vim and Netscape so I don't
think I want to alter my Xmodmap.

The Zsh manual makes a glancing reference to "use zle -N" in reference
to using user-defined widgets implemented as shell functions to execute
key mapping.  There appears to be no documentation for this function
either in the manual or the FAQ. Deja News reports one hit on "zle -N"
which is in reference to a Debian Linux bug and a www search gives only
pointers to the FAQ.

I tried adding the following to my .zshrc file: `zle -N END end-of-line`
which did nothing. Having just a beep to deal with, I didn't know which
key to map end-of-line to in an xterm. In an aixterm, instead of a beep,
I get a "46q" on my command line and I tried `zle -N 46q end-of-line`
which also did nothing.

Are there more examples of key mapping which I have missed?

I am on an IBM RS/6000 using AIX 4.3.2 and either an X11 xterm or an
aixterm. Would somebody using Zsh on AIX who has the use of these keys
please tell me how they accomplished it?

Thank you,


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