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different kind of glob_complete?

Here's something I've been wondering about - can I get zsh to perform menu
completion of glob patterns that match exactly the end of a string?

For example:

   % zsh -f
   % setopt glob_complete noalwayslastprompt noautolist
   % ls
   file.10  file.11  file.20  file.21
   % vi file*1<^D>
   file.11  file.21
   % vi file*1<TAB>
-> % vi file.11

I'm thinking this would be like glob_complete:

          When the current word has a glob pattern, do not insert
          all the words resulting from the expansion but generate
          matches as for completion and cycle through  them  like
          MENU_COMPLETE. The matches are generated as if a `*' is
          added to the end of the word or inserted at the  cursor
          if  COMPLETE_IN_WORD  is  set.   Since this doesn't use
          globbing, it works not only for files but for all  com-
          pletions, such as options, user names, etc.

but _without_ the trailing '*'?

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