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Re: is there a mix of history-search-backward and history-beginning-search-backward

Hi Peter,

thanks a lot!  I am (once again) impressed by the possibilities of zsh!
Just one problem:
how do I set the functions up so that I can bind them to my keys?
I put the file into ~/.zsh.funcs/ directory, autoloaded it and
called bindkey:
 bindkey "^P"        history-beginning-search-backward-end
 bindkey "^N"        history-beginning-search-forward-end

But when I press ^P I get to see:
 No such widget `history-beginning-search-backward-end'

I am fairly new to zsh and haven't really understood the concept of
loadable functions...

> I assume you're using zsh 3.1,
3.1.6 even.

> # function history-beginning-search-forward-end {
I removed the comment sign, too.

Thanks again!

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