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Re: Clearcase completions

Nosherwan Minwalla <nnminwal@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 	Does anyone have a set of completions pre-written for the Rational
> Clearcase UNIX command line tool (cleartool)? If not, does anyone have
> similar completions for other versioning packages (RCS/CVS etc.) that I
> could base completions for this product on? I'm new to zsh-completions and
> greatly appreciate any help in this regard.

I did the simplest thing, and made it complete the clearcase
sub-commands.  Much more could be done, but this is still very

ctcommands=( help man apropos quit cd pwd shell mkview rmview lsview \
	     startview endview setview edcs catcs setcs pwv lsprivate \
	     recoverview reformatview getcache setcache checkvob mkvob \
	     rmvob lsvob reformatvob relocate mount umount space getlog \
	     lsclients hostinfo complete_migration protect protectvob lock \
	     unlocak lslock mkeltype mkbrtype mklbtype mkattype mkhltype \
	     mktrtype lstype rmtype chtype cptype mkpool lspool rmpool chpool \
	     lsreplica rename ln rmname move mkdir mkelem rmelem mkbranch \
	     rmbranch rmver checkout uncheckout checkin reserve unreserve \
	     lscheckout chevent mklabel rmlabel mkattr rmattr mkhlink rmhlink \
	     mktrigger rmtrigger diff merge rmmerge findmerge find ls \
	     describe lshistory lsvtree annotate lsdo rmdo catcr diffcr \
	     winkin mktag rmtag register unregister mkregion rmregion
	     lsregion )
compctl -k ctcommands -x 'p[2,-1]' -f -- cleartool

David Kågedal

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