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Re: zsh and RPM: a case of study (for me)

Francis GALIEGUE (fg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> I have 3.1.6 (it's bundled with Mandrake <nudge> <nudge> :) ).

Cool.  I look forward to when we reach 3.1.7, so that Mandrake can
have all the latest stuff.  (How many more pws-* before 3.1.7?)

> > > Another probably dumb example: I'm used to the bash key sequences
> > > (C-x|Esc)(!|@|~|/|$), how can I reproduce them in a simple manner?
> > 
> > You should find that many (most?) of them already work in zsh.  If you
> > find you're really missing any of them, let us know and I'm sure one
> > of us will be only to happy to help.
> They don't seem to. For info, unless you already know it, what these
> sequences do in bash are:
> Esc ! -> tries to complete the current word to a command name
> Esc $ -> same, but for environment variables, whether the word is
> preceeded by a $ or not
> Esc @ -> machine names (from /etc/hosts)
> Esc / -> file name
> Esc ~ -> a user name
> C-x instead of Esc with one of the above will list matches and won't
> attempt any completion

Peter's kindly just implemented these, so pws-7 will have them in.
See zsh-workers for the patch.

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