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Re: various completion queries

Ooooh.. I'm *SO* glad I asked before hacking this time. I'm much
happier leaving the shell internals alone. The big questions now:
1) How can I have incremental-word-complete ON by default (ie. it's on
   when I start typing)
2) When there are too many completions, and a prompt like

zsh: do you wish to see all 102 possibilities? 

   shows up, can I simply get it to:
    a) not prompt,
    b) not list, and
    c) maybe say "**lotsa completions - not listing**"

Thanks for the help!


Peter Stephenson said:
> > Benjamin Korvemaker (benjamin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > > I'm at that point in my life where I need a shell that fills in the
> > > completion automagically and changes it as necessary the more I type
> > > (just like that horrible feature that MS products tend to have).
> > 
> > If I understand you correctly, then yes, there's a function called
> > incremental-complete-word
> Yes, that's the place to look first.  It could probably do with some
> developing --- it's getting quite complicated, almost like an editor within
> the editor.
> > Presumably you'd want to tell it complete words from the history.  I
> > don't know when it first appeared, but you're best off using it with
> > the latest development versions: 3.1.6 and later.
> You'll certainly need 3.1.6; although it's not actually a new completion
> widget, and should interact happily with old compctl-style completion (I
> haven't tried), it still needs editor features from 3.1.6 or later.
> One remaining task might be to allow it to combine with specific completion
> widgets, not just ordinary contextual completion.  Actually, that shouldn't
> be so hard: replace the call to `zle complete-word' with something more
> general which tests if a parameter with an alternative command was set by a
> wrapper.  The trick is to make sure such commands don't use menu
> behaviour, which will confuse it.
Benjamin Korvemaker
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