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Re: built-in problem?

On Oct 19,  8:21am, Tom Dillard wrote:
} Subject: built-in problem?
} I appologize for sending to this email list.  I tried the
} zsh-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
} one but it seems to be defunct.

It's not defunct; your message reached it.  There just happens to be one
bad address on the list that causes a bounce message to be returned when
the list server forwards to that person.

} Here is the output I see when, for example, I run an interactive
} shell for a relational database tool (don't get too hung up on what
} I'm running, I see it on other things as well; this just happens
} to be the most recent):
} % ttIsql
} .zshrc
} /export/home/tdillard/.zshrc[16]: syntax error: `(' unexpected

That is not an error message from zsh.  There is no circumstance in which
zsh prints "syntax error" and "unexpected" -- zsh prints "parse error".

So what appears to be happening is that the interactive tool is running
/bin/sh or ksh, and something -- perhaps your .profile file, or the ENV
environment variable?  Is causing that other shell to read your .zshrc.

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