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I'm still fooling around with insert-and-predict.  In its present state, it
attempts regular completion on any self-inserted key (other than space) that
does not result in a history-beginning-search match.  With autolist set,
however, this tends to produce things like this:

zagzig[28] echo $
zsh: do you wish to see all 128 possibilities? 

This means I have to type an extra character, which if I'm typing quickly
enough I fail to do, causing a character that I wanted to have on the line
to be consumed instead.  This was previously discussed (in zsh-users/2641)
and the result seems to have been the addition of compstate[list_lines] and
BUFFERLINES (mis-documented as BLINES, by the way) in 8227.

So I've added

compconfig[list_condition]='compstate[list_lines]+BUFFERLINES < LINES'

to my completion configuration, and set LISTMAX very large.  However, this
doesn't do what I thought it would.  I tried reversing the order of the
completers, and setting and unsetting autolist, but either I get listings
that scroll off the screen or I don't get any listings at all.

What *should* I be doing to get listings if and only if they fit on the

(Incidentally, I captured some debugging output and it appears that
$[compstate[list_lines]+BUFFERLINES < LINES] is always true, no matter how
many lines are going to be in the listing or what order the completers are

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