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>>>>> Sven Wischnowsky writes:


> Hm, it's a bit irritating that we can't do that yet, given that we can 
> set the other globbing specific options via qualifiers. It's quite
> easy to implement, though.

> To -workers:

> The patch below implements that for 3.1.6-bart-7 (it will not work for 
> any 3.0.x, I think). For now I took the letter `n'. This is a bit ugly
> because all other qualifiers that locally set options use upper case
> letters. The other free upper case letters are: BCFHJKPQVYZ. Any suggestions?

I agree that lowercase letters aren't suitable.

May I suggest the number 0 for this purpuse, if it doesn't confuse the parser?

Thanks for the patch, Sven, though it doesn't work for 3.0.*.

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