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Re: Repost: Can't run zsh: get fatal: out of memory error

Thanks for replying.  I am still unable to get zsh to load in the
normal way.  I am building zsh myself.  I read in the bug report
document to try the zsh -f command and then eliminate things out
of the .zsh* files until it works.  I couldn't find any info in
the man page about zsh -f, but the bug report document said it
basically runs only through the /etc/zshenv file.

When I first ran zsh -f without any /etc/zshenv file, it worked
without any customization.  I first eliminated .zshrc, then
.zshenv without the -f and it still didn't work.  I then copied
my .zshenv to /etc/zshenv and used -f; it worked.  Then I copied
.zshrc to /etc/zshenv, using -f it worked again.  I concatenated
.zshenv and .zshrc to /etc/zshenv, and using -f, it worked.

This was all still under version 3.1.5.  So I rebuilt it using the
zsh-mem feature.  All the previous tests repeated exactly the same
as before (I didn't use this feature the first time).

Now I have updated to 3.1.6 and tried again.  Still it is working
only with the -f option.

I have two HP workstations, one is the aforementioned HP 735 Apollo,
the other is a Visualize C240.  Both 3.1.5 and 3.1.6 are working
fine on the Visualize, only the Apollo 735 is having problems.

Any other ideas?  Should I submit a bug report?

--a zsh user

---Bart Shaefer wrote:
> Misc. questions:
> Did you build zsh yourself?


> If so, what (if any) options did you pass to configure, and have you
> tried using the new 3.1.6 instead of 3.1.5?  (It's easier to diagnose
> problems when the version you're using is closer to the one that's
> being actively worked on.)

I used the enable-dynamic and redirected the prefix to /opt/zsh

> If not, do you know anything about the configuration options used when
> your binary was compiled?
> Are there any other zsh startup files e.g. /etc/zlogin that might be
> executing after your .zshrc finishes?

No, as far as I can tell

> Have you tried running "zsh -x" to get an execution trace?

I have now, and it shows no other files being executed.

> If you are able to build zsh yourself, try adding the --enable-zsh-mem
> option when you run "configure".

It still performs the same.


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