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Nightly tarball/rpm snapshots of devel CVS tree available

Greetings all,

For those who like life in the fast lane, I've automated nightly[0]
builds of tarballs, and source and binary RPMs of the main branch of
Tanaka Akira's CVS tree for zsh 3.1.6.  Many thanks are due to Tanaka
for providing this excellent repository.

If you haven't tried a recent development version of zsh before, and
you don't mind putting up with a few (usually very small!) bugs here
and there, there are massive improvements since 3.1.6 to be enjoyed,

  o an even more powerful completion system complete with `out of the
    box' set-up so that minimal effort is required to use it
  o dynamically loadable module providing command-line-based ftp
    client functionality

  o floating point arithmetic support

  o innumerable bug fixes

  o themeable prompts

You can get the files from


The tarballs are built using `cvs export -rHEAD'.  The RPMs are built
on a RedHat 5.2 system; the binary RPM is libc6, and it should work on
newer systems but hasn't been tested on them yet.  With luck you'll be
able to build from the source RPM whatever RPM-able platform you're
on.  Since 3.1.6-pws-10, you may no longer need yodl to compile the
documentation, but I haven't checked this for sure, and I recommend
that you install yodl if you want to guarantee that documentation is
up-to-date when building from the source RPM.

PLEASE NOTE: these files are on average more up-to-date than the
intermediate releases available from a link under the same URL, but
they are not official releases. 

Please send problems specifically relating the RPMs to me at
<adam@xxxxxxxxxx>, but send general zsh questions to the zsh-users
mailing list.

Hope someone finds them of use!


[0] sometimes more often if people have problems which need fixing...

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