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two completion questions


I switched to zsh a few month ago and I like it better every day!

There are just two annoying things:

When completing filenames that start with the same prefix which I have
typed already, zsh doesn't show me the other possibilities.  It's a bit
difficult to explain.  I'll better show you an example:

 hamster:/tmp/zsh>ls -l
 total 0
 -rw-r-----   1 spiegl   users           0 Dec 10 18:16 a
 -rw-r-----   1 spiegl   users           0 Dec 10 18:16 ab
 -rw-r-----   1 spiegl   users           0 Dec 10 18:16 abc
 hamster:/tmp/zsh>ls -l

Now:  (cursor position at "_")
 hamster:/tmp/zsh>cat a_<TAB>
leads to
 hamster:/tmp/zsh>cat a _

However I would expect zsh to do this:
 hamster:/tmp/zsh>cat a_
 a     ab    abc 

Maybe there is a switch I missed?

The other problem is that zsh doesn't append a / after .. although it's a
directory.  Here's an example again:
 hamster:/tmp/zsh>cd .._<TAB>
This just beeps instead of leading to this:
 hamster:/tmp/zsh>cd ../_

Actually this just reminded me of a third annoyance. :-)
zsh removes a (previously completed) / or a space in the middle of the
input line after C-e or C-a.  Example again:
 hamster:/tmp>echo ab_       (then I go back two columns...)
 hamster:/tmp>echo _ab       (...insert a directory...)
 hamster:/tmp>echo zs_ab     (...press TAB...)
 hamster:/tmp>echo zsh/_ab   (...now Ctrl-E to go to the end of line...)
 hamster:/tmp>echo zshab_

...and zsh removed the slash. :-(
The same happens if I let zsh not only complete the directory but a file.
The appended space is removed as soon as I move the cursor.

Off course "unsetopt AUTO_REMOVE_SLASH" removes this behavior, but then the 
slash is never removed.  I would expect zsh to remove the slash/space only
if there is no character below (or to the right of) the cursor.  Am I wrong? 

But otherwise I really love zsh!  Thanks for the great work!!!
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