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Re: zsh and memory

On Dec 13,  6:15am, Danny Dulai wrote:
} Subject: zsh and memory
} Any hints on how to make zsh not consume as much memory as it does?
} I'm not using the zftp or stat modules. Any thing else I can do?

It'd be easier to answer the question if we knew what you ARE doing.
"Is there any way I can get rid of these lumps on my head?  I'm not
hitting myself with a hammer."

Various things you should avoid if memory is a problem include:

    setopt ALLEXPORT
    use large here-documents
    define lots of shell functions without using autoload
    use "zed" (old) or the mapfile module (new) to edit files
    use the new 3.1.6 shell-function-based completion system

The last one is a bit unfortunate, but just "compinit" (without even
trying any completions yet) adds half a megabyte to the RSS of zsh on
my system, and it only goes up from there as functions autload and
start caching their results in shell variables.

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