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checking jobs when zsh exits

During a discussion about zsh on a local newsgroup, someone suggested I
should post this here as a feature request.

When trying to exit from zsh you are warned about running or stopped jobs,
whereas tcsh and bash behaviour is to only warn you about _stopped_ jobs,
not _running_ jobs.  I think this distinction is valid, as stopped jobs are
typically likely to be stuff which writes to the terminal (e.g. a gdb
session which you've suspended) whereas running jobs are often X programs
which can carry on fine without the invoking shell (e.g. emacs window).

Rather than having to remember to type stuff like "emacs &!" instead of
"emacs &" every time, would it be possible to add a new option which makes
zsh warn about stopped jobs but not running jobs on exit, like other shells?

Many thanks.


P.S. I am not on the mailing list myself - I know it's polite to subscribe
to a list before posting to it, but here's what happened when I tried, so
please CC: me any replies - thanks!

    ... while talking to math.gatech.edu.:
    >>> RCPT To:<zsh-users-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    <<< 550 <zsh-users-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>... User unknown

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