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Re: vared -h question

Greg Klanderman wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use vared to implement a simple read/eval/print loop:
> while cmd="" && vared -p "cmd: " cmd ; do
>   ## send cmd to server on host:port and print result
> done
> I'd like to have history work, and if I use the -h flag I can access
> the shell's history, but vared does not store the history of my
> entered commands into the shell history it seems.  So it's a bit
> useless.  Is there any way to do what I want, ie add a line into 
> the history?

(I've redirected this to zsh-users.)

The answer should be to stick `print -s $cmd' as the first command inside
the loop, as well as adding the -h flag to vared.  Embarassingly (at least
in the latest 3.1.6++), that doesn't work properly because you don't get
the most recent command in the history, though you do get the second most
recent --- i.e. the third time round the while-loop you'll be able to
re-edit what you entered on the first.

This is just the latest in a huge line of off-by-one errors in the history
code.  Anyone want to fix it?

Happy Christmas and a bug-free 1900 to all zsh users.

(yes, it's a joke.  no, I'm not expecting the world to end.)

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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